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Windows 10 Upgrade

Are you fed up with Microsoft trying to persuade you to upgrade to the latest operating system when your current one is perfectly fine.

Download this software from the link provided below and follow the instructions included to remove those unwanted nags, and lets not forget the secretly downloaded files to your computer without your permission. Ive seen over 10gb of files downloaded without the users permission, and they were on a 5gb internet usage cap.



Top 15 Free Software Downloads

Here we have created a list of the top 15 free software downloads.

They are in no particular order.

A great program for backing up your precious documents.

This is a great alternative to Microsoft’s Office package. It is also compatible with office documents.

This gives basic antivirus protection

Microsoft’s answer to keeping all your files across your network up to date.

This is a free alternative to Internet Explorer 8 or 9

A great alternative to Microsoft’s Outlook

This is one of the best internet communication programs on the market, and the quality is fantastic.

Great online maps and global mapping software.

Great photo editing software with some very powerful features.

A Great indexing software, never lose the location of a file or email again! Alternative to windows desktop search or Google desktop search.

Good program to keep out those pesky Trojans and spyware programs.

This program installs codec’s for almost all video types.

Can be used to bring back to life those dead or stuck pixels.

Free program to help to keep your computer free of Trojans and spyware.

This program can encrypt personal data so prying eyes can’t see. A Very powerful program.

Comming Soon Free Software

Comming soon to our website is a whole section dedicated to free software.

We hope to have this new section ready by the beginnning of the month under the “Customer Support” section.

Please check back very soon.

Change your Internet Browser

Are you fedup of your current internet browser or you would like to try out one of the many other internet browsers?

Select a diffrent internet browser from the list below.

Backup My Documents and Files

Shockingly 9 out of 10 of our home user customers do not backup their documents or pictures not even onto CD or DVD

When we asked our home customer what would happen if their computer hard drive was to fail completely beyond repair, their response was that would be very upset about losing all their family photos and documents.

There is help out there, and we have found a piece of software that can make the backup process a breeze.

Paragon Software Group offer a free backup tool called “Paragon Backup & Recovery 2010” to home users. It’s easy to setup and run.

You can get yourself a copy from

Windows Service Packs

Here is all the major service packs for the Windows OS family.

The downloads below are the full administrative downloads (the full size files for off line installs). Dont forget to burn the files you download to a CD or DVD so you dont need to download them again!

Windows XP

Windows Vista

Free Antivirus AVG 9

Need an antivirus program but you havent got any money to spend on protection, well dont go unprotected get AVG’s antivirus 9 program for free. This program will give you the basic protection you need. When you have some money you can upgrade to the full version later.

Click here to download

Provided by

Create a letter for free

Do you need to create a profesional looking letter or spreadsheet, but dont want to pay a lot of money for a program.

Why not give openoffice a try, great thing is its for free and it works just like the paid version of Office. And whats more is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Office.

It comes with the ability to create the following documents:

  • Letters
  • Spreadsheets (great for sorting out the family or business finances)
  • A database program (good for creating a catalogue of say your customers or dvd’s)
  • A Presentation program
  • A Drawing program
  • and much more.

You can download the latest version from

Get Rid Of Spyware and Trojans

Spyware and Trojans can cause real problems, once a computer has been infected is slows the computer down and often causing the user to get quite frustrated with their machine.

Download this free program called Spybot Search and Destroy to remove those nasty infections.

Click here to download now from safer networking’s official site

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