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Updated Free Software

We updated the free software section with some very useful software. Why no take a look HERE.

Windows 10 Upgrade

Are you fed up with Microsoft trying to persuade you to upgrade to the latest operating system when your current one is perfectly fine.

Download this software from the link provided below and follow the instructions included to remove those unwanted nags, and lets not forget the secretly downloaded files to your computer without your permission. Ive seen over 10gb of files downloaded without the users permission, and they were on a 5gb internet usage cap.


PCI DSS Compliance

We at the IT Guru Ltd take your security very seriously and as such we have completed the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) validation process, and have enrolled in Trustwave’s Trusted Commerce Program to validate our compliance. Please click on the logo below for further information.


Fraudulent Lloyds TSB email

We have noticed over the last couple of hours there is fraudulent email going out from “Lloyds TSB” asking customers to confirm banking details.

The email is titled “Your Llyods TSB Account Has Been Limited” and looks to come from but this is not a legitimate email.

Please note “DOT NOT REPLY TO THESE EMAILS” delete them immediately.

If you have responded to one of these emails, don’t panic. Just talk to your bank immediately to reset any passwords and access you have.

THE IT GURU Support Team

Comming Soon Free Software

Comming soon to our website is a whole section dedicated to free software.

We hope to have this new section ready by the beginnning of the month under the “Customer Support” section.

Please check back very soon.

Change your Internet Browser

Are you fedup of your current internet browser or you would like to try out one of the many other internet browsers?

Select a diffrent internet browser from the list below.

Problems Removing .NET

I had major problems trying to remove .NET 2.0 it did not show up in add remove programs, and I could not uninstall it using the Windows Cleanup Utility.

I tried this utility to remove .NET 2.0 and it worked perfectly and allowed me to reinstall .NET 2.0, however this utility should be used in extreme cases and should only be used when all other methods have failed. It also works with the following versions 1, 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4

Use with caution, we accept no liability for its use.

You can download it from here

Post Comments

We at the IT Guru value our customer’s opinions, so we have decided to let our customer comment on our free technical advice pages and posts.

If you found something in our website technical section of interest to you, why not post a comment about your experience.

Or you could let us know what you felt by using our thumbs up or down system. We also have a 1 to 10 rating system. This will give us an insight into what you are all thinking to help make our website a better experience for all.


The IT Guru Technical Team

Protect your Windows Sticker

We have noticed from our customer machines that the licence stickers on their computer have been damaged preventing the activation of Windows as we can’t see the licence key.

These stickers can be easily damaged more so on laptops as the sticker is usually under the laptop.

Here is our advice; place some stick tape over the licence sticker but only use enough just to cover the sticker. This will ensure that the sticker remains in good condition should you need the licence key again. You can also use this method for all licence stickers produced from Microsoft.

You would think that Microsoft would put a protective covering over the sticker but let’s just think this one through from their point of view. Damaged sticker, customer has to buy another licence $$$ for Microsoft.

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